We started in 2010 and have not stopped shredding since.

Diagonal was founded in 2010 by Mohamad Al Khaled  and since then our goal has been to change your lifestyle and make you stylishly unique for every occasion.

We are happy to say that we were able to be with you in all your moments during the years we spent together, assuring that all eyes are on you… Because you are the real fashion deal.

Mohamed Al Khaled believes that it has to be normal to be Stylish in all your moments, even your coffee moments.

We aim to offer quality parts at affordable prices. Why? Because looking good doesn’t always mean expensive!

We only offer you luxury products at affordable prices.


Meet Mohamad Al Khaled, a man with a passion for fashion, a keen business sense, and a love of teaching mathematics. As the owner of a successful fashion businesses, Mohamad Al Khaled has always been drawn to the world of fashion and style. But he is also a savvy entrepreneur, always seeking out new opportunities to grow his business and expand his brand. And as a math instructor, he knows the value of hard work, determination, and a solid plan. With a clear vision for success and a strong work ethic, Mohamad Al Khaled is determined to make his mark in the business world and become a leading figure in the fashion and business industry.